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Seasonal Allergies

May 30, 2012

Each year we battle itchiness. I’ve tried everything – Eqyss shampoo, MTG, a mystery spray from a vet two two hours away in Nagodoches, TX  (which does seem to help).  The itch seems to start earlier each year, although that could also be the weather.  Two years ago, Carly had an especially severe case of itchiness where she rubbed both shoulders raw.  The vet prescribed Dex for a few days, then we gave her Depo-Medrol, a slow-release synthetic corticosteroid, throughout the summer.  That seemed to keep everything under control.  The next summer, she was still a bit itchy with the Depo-Medrol, but twice weekly baths with Malaseb helped. Still, she was rubbing and had bald spots, but she wasn’t HURTING herself.  

This year, I tried to be proactive.  I knew itchiness was setting in because small tears appeared in her fly sheet and barn friends told me that saw her rubbing – really putting her back into it.  So two weeks ago, I gave her the Depo-medrol shot.  Then I came out to find her like this.  Her fly sheet did cover her shoulders, but it’s shredded now. The vet’s only other suggestion was to try anti-histimines. But those need to be given twice a day. I can’t afford to pay the barn to hand administer the anti-histimines and with her boarded 30 minutes away, I can’t go out there twice a day either. 

The vet said that he has never seen a horse do anything like this. He doesn’t want to give her steroids, but he doesn’t have any other suggestions for me other than exile her to Colorado every summer.  I don’t even know anyone with horses in Colorado.  I’m mad at the vet, mad at Texas weather, and mad at myself.  I am so frustrated that I am going to try this double dose of wormer described here:  My vet was dismissive of the whole neck thread worm thing, but I have to try something.  I can live with unsightly bald spots for a few months, but I am terrified of how she might injure herself.

If anyone has suggestions, I am certainly open to ideas!


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