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Some Hope for Carly’s Skin

June 7, 2012

Today a vet from Elgin Veterinary Hospital came out to draw blood from Carly. I confess – after all my big talk in my last post, I never used the Equimax wormer.  Several people reported that their horses became itchier after using Equimax.  And I just can’t risk that right now. I did decide to consult with a different vet about Carly’s issues.  And she made me so hopeful.

Before I hauled Carly all the way to A&M, I called Elgin Veterinary Hospital.  They don’t have any dermatological specialists, but the admin person said they run lots of allergy and skin tests.  She recommended that I speak to Dr. Underwood.

As far as I am concerned, Dr. Underwood is a rock star.  I did not confess to my admiration on the phone, but I know her name well after reading all about her surgeries on Twizzle at Habitat for Horses. She said that many horses respond beautifully, but some horses aren’t perfect.  And I am so okay with “not perfect”.  I just don’t want my poor horse tearing herself open and rubbing herself until she bleeds every summer.  And I don’t want to work with a vet whose primary solution is relocating my horse to Colorado in the summer.  How on earth can I care for my horse, much less ride her, in Colorado?

The vet intern that came out wasn’t sure when we’d get results and also wasn’t sure how long it would take for allergy shots to take effect.  But the intern was sympathetic – she had allergy shots as a child – and both she and the tech were sweet to Carly.  I can’t wait to hear the results from Dr. Underwood!!!

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