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Allergy Results

June 19, 2012

I got Carly’s allergy results back last week.  She is allergic to EVERYTHING.  Every type of grass except for reed, molds, clover, camomile, most trees except for oak, grain mill dust (who wouldn’t be?), cockroaches, flies, cullicodes (gnats), molasses, and beets. Oh, let’s not forget pyrethrin, a common ingredient in fly spray.  I found out that the electrolytes I give Carly have beet juice as the main ingredient.  I usually mix them with molasses to make them more palatable. Oops. So I got ride of those things.  My fly spray does have pyrethrin.  The vet said that she is actually allergic to the flower, so the fly spray is probably okay.  But I cut that out, too and am waiting on a fly spray that only has synthetic pyrethrin – cyperethin or something in it.  I noticed she was getting very itchy around her mane and tail – probably from gnats. So I slathered on Corona ointment to help keep them away.  These few changes have dramatically reduced her itching.  Of course, she does have the depo-medrol in her system, which helps. But I am pleased to say that I have found only 2 small hot spots on her.  In fact, her hair is growing back nicely and I think that she is feeling better. I am so relieved.

The vet recommended that I feed her peanut hay. Since she has never had it, she most likely is not allergic to it. She is only borderline positive for Timothy hay, so that is also an option.  But Carly lives in a pasture. She doesn’t eat any grain – she is fed high quality coastal hay in a group setting.  I would need to change our board situation in order to change her food.  A friend who grows hay is skeptical of peanut hay – it’s not what she considers horse quality.  The hay we do get at the barn is very high quality, fresh, and as a result, probably has less weeds mixed in and less mold than other lower quality hays. So my plan is to keep her current board situation and just see how things go.  If I can control the other things, the hay allergens may be less of an issue.

In the meantime, I have ordered Carly’s special shots and anxiously am waiting for them.

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