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A Hairy August

August 15, 2012

We have diligently been following the allergy shot (immunotherapy) regimen.  We have been doing the shots for about a month and a half. The vet thought we should start to see results within about two months.  Carly is not itch free – her forelock is down to about 10 strands of hair – but she has more hair covering her neck than she has ever had in August before.  In fact, she pretty much has hair all over with just a few hot spots.  If this is as good as she gets for the rest of her summers, then I will be very satisfied!  

Other than giving her the immunotherapy shots, I have cut out all beets and molasses from her diet, quit using fly spray (I know noticed that it always makes her itchy), and sadly, no longer hand graze her.  There’s grass in her pasture and she scarfs it down, but I don’t need to contribute to the problem. 

The bad news? Another new thing for us: she came up three legged lame the other day. She has swelling on her hock where she cut herself last fall.  It’s the same area that was swollen after her cut.  She has been feeling pretty forward under saddle lately, so I suspect she either played too hard in the pasture or she strained it while riding the other day – we did lots of circles and spirals and she tripped a few times.  The tripping in the dressage ring is not unusual for her. There is nice rubber chip footing, but a lot of traffic makes some deep divets in the surface.  I am hoping this is a minor setback and she will be back to her regular self soon!  

Here’s a photo of her shoulder that she rubbed raw earlier this summer.  The darker spots are newly grown hair.  She’s such a sleepy girl …


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